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Mobile applications

Mobile applications - design and development

iOS / Android / Windows

Do you want customers to be able to find you anytime, anywhere? Do you care about the realization of your vision?

Nowadays, practically every person has a smartphone. Young children, adults and even pensioners are staring at the screens of these small devices. However, you should not be too surprised, because mobile devices offer many possibilities, are incredibly easy to use, and also connect us to the Internet, thanks to which a person can be up to date with information that interests him 24 hours a day. Moreover, numerous mobile applications attract users and help pass the time. Have an idea for a great application, but you are not able to create it yourself? PixelShark will definitely help you!

We have many years of experience in creating mobile solutions that are fully adapted to customer expectations. Our mobile applications are distinguished by intuitive operation, thanks to which they reach a wide audience. Many of our clients consider them a great investment that allowed them to expand the scope of their activities. We make and implement various technological solutions, including native, PWA and hybrid applications. Each of them has different advantages and slightly different application. If you do not know which option will be a good choice for your business, you can count on our support! Thanks to us, you will quickly make your vision come true - we invite you!

Mobile applications tailored to your needs

High-quality, top-quality mobile applications are at your fingertips. Our agency has a group of professionals who will certainly make the project as you like. Do you have your own business and want to make it even easier for your customers to use your services? Or maybe you have an idea that will revolutionize all mobile applications? We guarantee that you will not be disappointed with the services we provide! Nowadays, mobile applications offer many possibilities. They can be entertaining, educational. They allow you to work on the go, they also give you access to what the website offers, but in a more accessible way. It must not be forgotten that having a mobile application increases the prestige of the business. Everything in accordance with the highest professionalism and customer convenience. We know how important it is that the implemented solutions are best suited to the needs of potential recipients. Our specialists create mobile applications for Android, iOS and Windows. Thanks to this, you will be able to reach a wide range of customers and achieve your goals. We offer full reliability and individual approach to each order.

Mobile application development - native, hybrid and PWA

Are you interested in our services? In that case, please contact us. Before starting to design a specific mobile application, we will interview you about your needs and expectations. What's more, we can do an analysis of competing "apps", so you can be sure that your future application will be "up to date". The design itself will take into account the structure of individual elements according to your requirements. Remember that we are always open to customer suggestions, so we will be happy to talk to you about additional ideas while doing our work. Don't wait, write to us now!

We are real enthusiasts, and thanks to many years of experience, we have no problem creating both the simplest and more complex mobile solutions. The offer includes, among others, hybrid, native and PWA applications, which are very popular among our customers. We will help you choose the right variant of the "app", guided by your individual expectations. Join the group of our satisfied clients!

PixelShark - the best mobile applications within your reach!

Native, hybrid, PWA application - which one is worth choosing?

Among our clients, native applications are of great interest. These mobile solutions are very efficient and also work offline. They work great as software available in a store compatible with a specific system, which can be easily installed on a portable device. However, please note that you will not be able to reach different systems using the same native application. It is necessary to program the solution for Android and Apple's dedicated system separately, which involves the implementation of the service in two different languages. Hybrid applications are a slightly different example. In this case, we are dealing with one solution that can be used on many systems. Their efficiency is slightly lower, but they cannot be denied their universality. The hybrid application is an excellent choice for people where speed is not a priority. Yet another alternative are PWA applications, which are becoming more and more popular on the market of modern technologies. One of their key advantages is the ability to download without using an external store. Certainly, such facilitation will help potential users reach the "app". PWA combines the advantages of native and hybrid solutions. These modern applications are compatible with all operating systems. They can be used offline, and an additional advantage is the option of using automatic notifications. Contact PixelShark and order the appropriate variant of the application. We have experience in creating native, hybrid and PWA solutions. We guarantee competitive prices - check the details of our offer!

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