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You've searched "all" the Internet and can't find a program that suits your business needs?

You've come to the right place! We create an application for every platform, including: Android / iOS, Windows, Linux, MacOS or for internet platforms PHP, html / css, .net

It often turns out that despite numerous searches, it is not possible to find the right application that would meet the needs of your company. For this reason, we cordially invite you to take advantage of our offer. We create professional applications dedicated to each platform!

We create advanced ERP programs dedicated to your company, thanks to which you will gain even better control over your business. Better performance is at your fingertips! That's not all, because we can also create CRM systems. These are applications dedicated to companies that want to improve internal management, as well as building relationships with customers. The CRM system allows you to collect data on the client's activity and the history of cooperation, thanks to which it is possible to implement more and more effective activities. CRM is also an excellent tool for planning and controlling various events. The trader also allows you to observe the status of order execution, etc.

Nothing prevents us from creating workflow systems. They involve automating the transfer of information in the company, because they create a kind of map that gives an insight into what a given employee is doing. This is a very important matter, because this type of dedicated applications allows you to monitor whether various processes in the company are going according to plan. Workflow applications are a brilliant solution to improve optimization.

PixelShark also creates dedicated MRP applications. These systems are especially recommended to companies engaged in production. Specific algorithms make it possible to assess what elements are needed to complete the production. Running out of components, ingredients, etc. will result in sending a notification. It is worth mentioning that these systems operate with regard to the stock levels etc. Thanks to this, it is possible to maintain the continuity of production.

We also often create WMS systems. This abbreviation, when translated into our language, means: "warehouse system management". Thanks to such a dedicated application, you can control the state of warehouses on an ongoing basis and have access to the product catalog. Moreover, the appropriate software enables the application to determine where a given package is located in the warehouse. You are interested in? Then contact us! PixelShark specialists will surely answer all your questions!

Almost every business will have a process that can be streamlined or refined. Modern software comes with help, and you can use the tools available on the market. However, if none of them meet all your requirements, then this problem will be solved by applications dedicated to companies. Check!

What are dedicated applications?

When you search the internet, you will find many applications recommended for businesses. However, the tools available on the market do not always meet all the needs of your business. Then it is worth considering applications dedicated to companies, i.e. software that is tailored from scratch to your business. The advantage of choosing custom software is one hundred percent tailored to your preferences.

Dedicated applications - for whom?

Custom software will be beneficial for anyone who wants to improve processes in their company.

Most often, dedicated applications are related to:

operational activities - eg dedicated ERP systems (Enterprise Resource Planning) are applications that facilitate the management of all resources of a given company;

customer service - eg CRM software (Customer Relationship Management); The CRM system allows you to save all information related to a given customer, which greatly facilitates contact and improves sales processes;

production management - MRP (Material Requirements Planning) applications help to control the orders for individual components needed for the production of your goods;

warehouse management - WMS (Warehouse Management System) applications help in monitoring goods that appear in the company's warehouse;

How is custom software made?

Creating a dedicated application should start with the precise definition of the client's needs.

There are two kinds of requirements to consider:

functional requirements - relate to the needs of a specific business. The company should answer the following questions, among others: What is the application for? What process should she improve or improve? How many users will be using it?

non-functional requirements - i.e. requirements related to the quality of a given software. These are such features of the application as: ease of use (whether the tool is too complicated), reliability (whether the application will not crash) and the ability to make any changes and updates (each software should be updated from time to time).

After precise determination of the client's requirements, the dedicated application is programmed. The duration of this process depends on the complexity of a specific tool. After the end of the programming period, a series of tests of the created application begins. After positively completed tests and making the necessary corrections, IT specialists implement new software and then monitor it in terms of possible problems.

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