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Modern IT solutions are more and more often aimed at securing data. Thanks to the latest forms of transaction monitoring, it is possible to ensure anonymity and significantly improve information management processes. IT specialists have no doubt that one of the best solutions of this type is blockchain technology.

Our company specializes in creating dedicated software based on the blockchain system. We have been operating on the Polish market for many years, gaining the trust of many customers. The solutions we create are perfect for many industries. Currently, many people associate blockchain primarily with trading in so-called cryptocurrencies. Indeed, this solution has proved successful in monitoring transactions related to broadly understood stock exchange activities, but it should not be limited only to this market sector. Thanks to the help of specialists, you can easily adjust the scope of technology to your individual needs. PixelShark is one of the leaders in creating this type of solutions. Feel free to contact us by phone or online to get additional details about our business. We are happy to suggest how blockchain will work in a specific project.

Our solutions using BlockChain:

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How does blockchain work?

All blockchain technology is based on the operation of a so-called blockchain, which contains data about transactions or other forms of activity on the network. This is where the entire database is located, but it is saved in a completely different way than in the solutions known to us. Persistent information is distributed and at the same time available to every user of the network. Each of the individual blocks has a specific number of records covering various types of transactions. It is worth emphasizing that they are saved in it only after appropriate verification by the system, becoming part of a specific transaction log. One of the basic features of a blockchain database is its dispersion. Thanks to this advantage, we are dealing with a fully decentralized system. In practice, this means that there are no physical places to store data, such as, for example, central computers. The encoding process is performed with the use of cryptographic algorithms. At PixelShark, we have been implementing this type of solutions for a long time. We know how to use the potential of the blockchain, bearing in mind the individual needs of the client. We work with many companies that wanted to build a decentralized data storage system. We can boast of many blockchain-based projects. We work with real enthusiasts who follow the latest technological innovations in the field of application of the discussed system.

Blockchain technology and cryptocurrency trading

Cryptocurrencies are becoming more and more popular, also on the Polish market. Amateurs of this form of investment see real profits in it, which is why every year more and more websites are created that allow trading, for example, with the popular bitcoin. Our company meets the expectations of customers who want to implement solutions such as the cryptocurrency exchange. We create dedicated software based on blockchain technology. We have many implementations of this type to our credit. Each order is a new challenge for us, which is why we approach it individually. If you want to take advantage of professional support in the field of creating and implementing blockchain technology, please contact us! We will quickly arrange an approximate quote based on your expectations and the scope of the service.

The most popular uses of blockchain

Modern blockchain technology is great not only for cryptocurrency trading. More and more industries decide to use it, bearing in mind the effective protection of data against cyber attacks, transparency of transactions and anonymity of users. The coded structure is sufficiently effective on its own and does not require the presence of an additional intermediary, which in turn guarantees satisfactory system performance and minimization of costs. Blockchain can be used, for example, in the medical industry, allowing patient data to be safely stored. It is also perfect for the energy market, enabling direct sales of energy to consumers. It is also an excellent solution in the context of accounting, share and land and mortgage registers, where the presence of a notary and courts is no longer necessary. Blockchain-based applications allow you to keep records of the purchase and sale of various goods. Decentralized databases ensure the transparency of individual transactions without external control. Failure resistance is a significant recognition advantage of the system, which translates into its efficiency. We encourage you to take advantage of our offer - we will create a dedicated application for your company based on a blockchain on preferential terms. We will be happy to help you understand how the presented system works in practice - welcome!

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