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Paper business cards have been known to mankind for several centuries, and for purely advertising purposes they began to be used a little over 100 years ago. However, all indications are that they may soon become a thing of the past. Today, the role of a business card is perfectly fulfilled by a website.

Website design for sole proprietorships

It is commonly said that recommendations are the fuel of any business. Especially those who work alone and are self-employed, i.e. representatives of liberal professions, know this. They are happy to distribute their business cards to new people they meet, so that they will contact them in the future with a request for an offer. Everyone knows, however, that a piece of paper stuck in a wallet or a business card holder is quickly forgotten. Responsive websites that we have access to at any time work differently. Such a website can be opened on any device - mobile phone, tablet or laptop. A paper business card can be easily lost or forgotten where it has been put away. A website with an address in the form of a first and last name or company name is always available and much easier to find again.

What should the website - business card look like?

Designing a website is a complex process that usually begins with defining the basic goals for your website. In the case of online business cards, it is primarily about creating a positive image of a person or company and clearly conveying basic information. So what should such a page be like?


All the most important content should be served in the foreground and in a condensed form by the user. Preferably in the form of links, on which he will click when the topic is of interest to him.

Easy to navigate

Individual buttons and links should be clearly visible and, preferably, they should point to specific subpages.

Adapted to various devices

Responsive websites today fulfill their role much better than their "predecessors" from several years ago. Currently, users visit websites on a variety of devices. A good page will display correctly on all of them.

Offering valuable content

A website, even if it is to serve only as a virtual showcase, should provide the user with interesting, unique content. Thanks to this, the company will be perceived by Internet users as professional. By the way, it will also have a positive effect on the website's position in search engines.


Designing websites should focus on their optimization from the very beginning. This term means, inter alia, limiting unnecessary code, which shortens the loading time of such a page. Waiting too long for many internet users becomes an easy excuse to quickly switch off the site and look for interesting content elsewhere.

How to use the website - a business card in everyday work?

A link to your website should be included in the footer, which is automatically added to every e-mail message. During telephone conversations - when we do not see the client, nor he can see us - it will be good to give the address of the website or arrange with the interlocutor that we will send him an SMS after the call is finished. Thanks to this, a potential client will read information that we have not had time to provide, or maybe discover a completely different area of ​​our activity that arouses his interest. Certainly, our company will "be remembered" in the memory of a given person, thanks to which they will know where to report when they decide to take advantage of the offer.

Software house PixelShark

Strona internetowa to świetny sposób na zareklamowanie własnej firmy. Jest ona tak samo ważna, jak popularne dziś prowadzenie profili w mediach społecznościowych. Dlatego nasza agencja interaktywnaw Łodzi oferuje stworzenie witryny nowoczesnej, która przyciągnie potencjalnych klientów i będzie przygotowana do późniejszych działań związanych z pozycjonowaniem, czyli SEO.

Dzięki temu łatwiej będzie Ci dotrzeć do szerokiej grupy odbiorców, a co za tym idzie – zwiększy się świadomość o istnieniu Twojej działalności. Warto jest zatem postawić na stronę www wykorzystującą najnowsze technologie i modne szaty graficzne, co spowoduje stały napływ klientów. Serdecznie zapraszamy do zapoznania się z naszą ofertą.