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Today without a website no Internet shark will go too far.

If you want to reach new customers in the sea without any problems, in this case your website will help you - in our PixelShark agency we know how to prepare it so that it is the only one in its kind and distinguished you from the competition!

Our specialty is websites - Łódź is our headquarters, but we do not limit ourselves to this city only when we make websites. Gdańsk, Warsaw, Krakow or Lublin are just a few cities from which our clients come. Regardless of where you do business, we are always ready to help and create for you a website that will reflect all your needs.

It is not worth choosing half-measures when it comes to websites - Warsaw, Lodz or Krakow are cities where many large and well-known companies operate, but on the internet everyone is equal and everyone has same chances of reaching the goal. By choosing PixelShark, you will defeat your competitors and you will be the first to finish on the way to customers.

By opting to work with us, you get the support of qualified and experienced webmasters and graphic designers who will ensure that your website is refined to the smallest details. Our websites are a perfect combination of aesthetics and usability, to please every Internet Shark - an original creation that
in the school of offers will attract attention right away.

If you want to distinguish yourself from the background of your competition, do not forget to use our website promotion services. Choose optimization and positioning when you want your site to be visible immediately in the web browser and attract new visitors to you. We also promote websites through social networking sites - by choosing social media marketing, you will build your dedicated customer base.

PixelShark - websites - Łódź, Warsaw, Lublin, Krakow, Gdańsk - we invite you to choose our services!

We create responsive websites

  • Ruch z urządzeń mobilnych51%
  • Ruch z laptopów i komputerów43%
  • Ruch z tabletów4%
  • Ruch z innych urządzeń (tv,konsole)0%

  • Badania za II kwartał 2017 roku, żrodło: Liczby zaokrąglane.
From the above statement for the second quarter of 2017, it appears that the largest number of users visiting websites are mobile users. Compared to 2017, mobile traffic increased by 25%! We now have 2018, so the current number of users providing traffic on websites is probably around 70%! This data speaks for itself, so we do not have to convince anyone that a responsive website, that is, which looks good on every device is a BASE. We create only responsive websites, we do not charge extra fees, for us it has been the basis for creating websites that are responsive for several years. We invite you to contact us - we will be happy to present an offer for a professional, responsive website with the CMS system, and not for fortune at an affordable price.

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