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Become an internet shark!

At your disposal in PixelShark they are the best of the best - specialists with many years of experience who are constantly improving to offer you even better service. For us, nothing is impossible, so if you want to be sure that your company will be presented professionally, we are ready for it and use all possible means to reach the goal.

Interactive agency

We create websites – our specialty on the internet is primarily corporate websites, web portals and online stores

We know how to keep visitors longer, so you can be sure of a good investment by choosing our services. We also make modern responsive websites that can be displayed comfortably in both large screen browsers and mobile devices. In addition to the internet, we create dedicated mobile applications and desktop applications . In addition, we deal with advertising on the web - we offer effective positioning and we deal with social media marketing - we promote clients on Facebook and other websites. Another branch of our activity are CRM / ERP systems that provide multifunctionality and the best performance where the effect counts. You can learn more about our offer at: offer . We encourage you to familiarize yourself with the full offer presented on our website - here you can learn more about what we do and check our projects in the portfolio , if you want to check the effects of our work. If you have additional questions regarding our services, we are ready for them and will reply fully write here


What makes us diffrent?

execution speed
reasonable prices
complexity of services


Thanks to 15 years of experience, we have developed our solutions so that we are able to offer the shortest lead time. That's why simple websites with the CMS system are able to perform for 5 days, stores for 10 days and more complex web designs from 15 working days!


We are not based on someone's ignorance, we do not look at anyone in the portfolio to make a valuation, that's why our prices are reasonable and no one will ever pay back. Due to the above, we can offer websites with CMS from 500 PLN! and stores from 1000 PLN! We do not charge subscriptions, as some do, so you pay once.


Our team consists of graphic designers, coders, programmers and administrators, so you do not need to commission each stage to other companies, we will do your project comprehensively from designing a logotype, domain registration, software implementation or server deployment.


website? e-shop? maybe application?


Today without a website, no Internet shark will go too far.
If you want to reach new customers without any problems in the sea of ​​offers, in this case your website will help you - in our PixelShark agency we know how to prepare it so that it was one of a kind and made you stand out from the competition!

online stores

Every Internet Shark loves swimming in the ocean ... shopping.
When you also want to expand your commercial activities for internet and catch new customers online, in this case we offer our online stores. Poland, England, USA - Your sale will not have any limitations!

mobile applications

Do you want customers to find you anywhere, anytime? You care about the implementation of your vision?
Today, when the number of users of mobile devices is increasing from day to day, one can not forget about the perspectives of the Internet available on the smartphone and on the tablet. If you want to attract the attention of others, we will make mobile applications for you that will accomplish your goal!

dedicated applications

Our company mainly deals in writing dedicated web and desktop applications.
We write in many programming languages. We have written many CRM, ERP, Workflow, MRP systems and many, many more for over 10 years.

Last realization

Webservices hosting company

serwis wwwhosting, serwery
Data oddania:Czas realizacji:
24.09.201814 dni roboczych

In September we had the pleasure to create a complete website for the hostIQ brand from the hosting industry.We were responsible for preparing the usability project, then preparing the creation, coding and programming the entire website and then its implementation. The website enables full management (CMS WordPress), integration with the WHM system has been made to automate the process of creating hosting accounts after they have been paid for. We have also implemented the entire purchasing system and automatic payments.


Ostatnio na blogu

Framework Phalcon

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In the last article we are talking about the relatively young framework - Phalcon.

We were motivated to write this framework after we started using it with more demanding websites. All our tests and tests performed by benchmarks show that this is the fastest PHP framework. That is why we recommend reading the whole article.

phalcon framework