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Do you have your own business and want it to be present also on the Internet? Or maybe you have an amazing idea for a domain, but you can not implement it yourself? Do you value full professionalism and reliability? Then come to us! Pixel Shark offers the highest quality services related to creating websites. Our creative agency will definitely help you. Is Swansea or London is your place of residence? So you couldn't find better. We conduct our activities mainly for clients in Swansea/London, but we calmly support also those from other parts of our country. We work with companies, but also with private individuals.

Creative and interactive marketing agency Pixel Shark

You certainly know that advertising is a very important aspect of doing business. That is why a website should look good because it will become a kind of business card of the company. Our interactive agency in Swansea has specialized staff with extensive experience, thanks to which we are able to support clients so effectively. The Pixel Shark marketing agency creates company websites, web portals, stores, and even special mobile or desktop applications. We also create CRM / ERP systems.

We go with the times, which is why we also prepare high quality responsive websites. What does it mean? Responsive websites are called ones that are adapted to browsers on both computer screens as well as TV sets, tablets, smartphones and other devices.

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What makes us diffrent?

speed of implementation
reasonable prices
comprehensive service


Due to 15 years of our experience, we have developed our solutions so that we are able to offer the shortest delivery time. That is why we have been able to create simple websites with the CMS system for 5 days, stores for 10 days and more complex web projects for 15 working days!


We do not rely on someone's ignorance, we do not look into a portfolio to make a quote, so our prices are reasonable and no one will ever overpay us. Therefore, we can offer websites with CMS from just PLN 500! and stores from 1000 PLN! We do not charge subscriptions like some, so you pay once.


Our team consists of graphic designers, coders, programmers and administrators, which is why you do not have to outsource each stage to other companies, we will do your project comprehensively, from the design of the logotype, domain registration, implementation of the software or implementation to the server.

Our offer

Website? e-shop? or maybe an application?


Today, without a website, no Internet Shark will go too far in such competition. If you want to easily reach new customers in the sea of offers, in this case your website will help you - in our interactive agency PixelShark we know how to prepare a website so that it is unique and makes you stand out from the competition!

Internet shops

Every Internet Shark loves swimming in the ocean ... shopping online. If you also want to expand your commercial activity to the Internet and catch new customers - Internet users, in this case we offer our professional, responsive online stores operating on every device. Warsaw, Łódź or Gdańsk - your sale will not have any restrictions!

mobile applications

Do you have an idea for a mobile application? Today, when the number of users of mobile devices increases day by day, you cannot forget about the prospects of the internet available on your smartphone and tablet. If you want to attract the attention of others, we will make mobile applications for you that will fulfill your goal! We offer an application for Android, iOS and Windows!

dedicated applications

The Pixelshark brand also deals to a large extent with writing dedicated internet and desktop applications.
We write dedicated applications for companies in many programming languages. For over 12 years of activity, we have written many CRM, ERP, Workflow, MRP etc. systems for iOS, Windows, Linux as well as in the form of websites, i.e. in the form of websites.

Last implementation

Judo club network website

serwis wwwsports schools
Dead line:Lead time:
24.03.201940 working days

At the beginning of 2019, we had the pleasure to win the tender for the implementation of the website

We were responsible for coding and programming the entire website and then its implementation. The website enables full management by implementing a CMS system. In addition, it is preparing to implement a reservation system with online shopping.

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