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Software 🏠 House PixelShark

Software house PixelShark is more than just software. It's a manifesto of digital excellence brought to life through the creation of unparalleled mobile applications and websites. Our passion for technology intertwines with professionalism, crafting unique solutions that not only meet but exceed expectations.

In a world of dynamic mobile development, software house PixelShark sets new standards in the design and development of mobile applications. Our team of experts focuses on delivering applications that not only meet functional requirements but also prioritize user satisfaction. They are optimized for the best UX/UI practices, ensuring that every touch on the screen is a memorable experience.

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What makes us stand out?


Thanks to 15 years of our experience, we have developed our solutions so that we are able to offer the shortest implementation time. That is why we are able to create simple websites with a CMS system for 5 days, stores for 10 days and more complex web projects for 15 working days!

reasonable prices

We do not rely on someone's ignorance, we do not look into anyone's wallet to make a valuation, so our prices are reasonable and no one will ever overpay with us. Therefore, we can offer websites with good price! We don't charge subscriptions like some people do, so you pay only once.


Our team includes graphic designers, coders, programmers and administrators, so you do not have to outsource each stage to other companies, we will make your project comprehensively from logotype design, domain registration, software development or implementation to the server.

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Go ahead! Write to us at any time, we will write back up to 6 hours!

Software House
Piotrkowska 60
90-105 Łódź

+48 517 086 973

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Why choose our Software House?

In the realm of websites, PixelShark ensures that your site is not only responsive and functional but also attractive and engaging. Our approach to website design combines aesthetics with practical application, creating a space that not only catches the eye but also transforms visitors into customers.

Our experience in the software industry allows us not only to keep pace with the latest trends but also to be their creators. PixelShark is not just a creator of applications and websites; it's a partner that understands your business goals and contributes to their achievement.

Collaborating with software house PixelShark is an investment in the future of your business. We are ready to meet even the most demanding projects, transforming your ideas into digital reality. So, if you're thinking about developing mobile applications or a modern website, PixelShark is at your service. Together, we will transcend the boundaries of the digital revolution.