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PixelShark is a professional interactive agency operating in Łódź - thanks to us you can aspire even straighter to your destination, since you have the best specialists at your disposal in your field.

When you want your name to be current in the virtual reality and chased the competition away, choose PixelShark - with us you will become a shark of the Internet!

We are creating websites - our speciality is above all company sides, web portals and online shops. We know, how to stop on them frequenting for a long time, therefore choosing our services, you have a certainty of good investment. We are making also modern pages responsywne which can be shown comfortably both in browsers on the big screen, as well as on mobile devices.

We are preparing also mobile sides and mobile applications. Moreover we are dealing with the publicity online - we offer effective positioning and we are doing social media with marketing - we are promoting customers on Facebook and in other portals.


ERP systems which are ensuring the multifunctionality and the better productivity where an effect is counting are other branch of our activity. More you will learn about our offer on the side.
At your disposal in PixelShark they are best from best - specialists with the long-term experience which still are improving for in order to offer you the even better service. For us he doesn't have impossibles, therefore if you want to be sure that your company will be promoted professionally, we are ready for it and we will use all possible means to reach one's destination.
We are already now encouraging for closer acquainting oneself with the unabridged offer presented on our website - here you can learn more about what we are doing, as well as check our implementations in the portfolio, if you want to check effects of our works. In case of additional questions concerning our services we are on not ready and we will answer exhaustively.

PixelShark - interactive agency Łódź - we are at your disposal.


Do you have questions? Call +48 537 537 317 or write: office@pixelshark.eu

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  • Advertising agency website

    Advertising agency website

    One of the last realization that we have done from the category of websites was the company website for advertising agency.

    Page is hand-drawn and the code is entirely created in HTML5 / CSS3 / JS


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